Friday, September 16, 2022

Never Alone

 This story takes place before the events of Incantus Academy, book one.

“Big Brother, please don’t leave me!” A five-year-old named Alice Willson was holding on to her brother, Peter’s, leg begging him not to leave. “Don’t worry, Alice, I’ll be back in time for Winter Fest,” Peter reassured Alice. “But you’ll still be gone!” Alice contradicted, “And then, I’ll be all alone!” Peter knelt down and put his arm around his sister, “You knew that I was leaving a day after your birthday. This is an opportunity that I can’t lose. Not everyone gets to take classes from the legendary professor  Alexander Evans. Personal classes at that. That’s why I have to go now, Alice.” “But why can’t you stay until school actually starts!” Alice interjects. “I’m going for special classes that take place before school starts,” Peter replies. A few moments later, Alice started crying. Their dad, Mark Willson, walked over to them when he noticed Alice crying. “What happened, sweetie.” Mark says in a calming tone, “I don’t want Big Brother to go! I want him to stay here with me so I’m not all by myself. If he leaves I’ll be alone!” Mark chuckled and said, “You wouldn’t be alone, Peter will still be there.” Alice looked at her dad in shock, “But he’s leaving right now!” “I am,” Peter says, looking at Alice, “but I’ll still be with you, in your heart.” “In my heart?” Alice says, confused. Peter nods, “Even if I’m not physically with you, I’ll still be there. It’s not like I’m going to be gone forever anyways. Just remember, you are never alone.” Alice smiled and said, “As long as I remember the times we spent with each other, I know I won’t be alone!” After that, Peter Willson stepped onto the campus of Incantus Academy, ready for his first year.