Saturday, March 25, 2023

Tales of Legends Past (The Tale of Two Sisters)

    Once there were two sisters named Mia and Sara. Mia loved nothing more than helping others learn, while Sara always wanted to make others smile. One day they discover that they had special powers. Mia had the power to impart knowledge to those who needed it, and when the Mystic Realms were created, she taught those she deemed worthy Novelious, which is Latin, but it was forgotten over time. She also taught the people of the Mystic Realms English so they would have a universal language.

Sara had the power to grant gifts to others. Whenever someone was hurting she would go to them and give them what they need. She was kind and caring, protecting those in need.

One day, the sisters found themself in a village where a young girl lived. The girl had never been able to talk, and the sisters became friends with her. “You have such a beautiful voice, Sara,” The girl signed. “Thank you, I only wish that I could help you,” Sara replied. Suddenly she had an idea, “I’d like to give you a precious gift.” Sara said smiling, “I grant you the gift of my voice, so you could be able to speak out loud.” Mia knew that it was her choice, so she let Sara go through with it. From that day forward, Sara was known as the Silent Legend, for she had given her voice away for the young girl.

The first two Legends took notice of the sisters’ noble deeds and decided to make both Pure Legends as they were. That is how they can still appear today since very few Legends can live forever. The only ones that can are the Pure Legends, for they have a form that is entirely made up of magic, and the one who sacrificed herself for her people.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Tales of Legends Past (The Tale of the First Lorians)

 Once there were two friends named Lora and Chris. Both of them were sixteen years old when they found something incredible. They were wandering in the woods near their village when they stumbled upon two gemstones. One looked like rose quarts, and the other like an emerald. Lora picked up the rose quarts, while Chris took the emerald. “Wonder what we have stumbled upon?” Lora remarked, examining her gemstone. “I do not know Lora, it is a mystery to me as well,” Chris replied.

Suddenly, the two gems started to shine so brightly that it made Lora and Chris turn away. The two gems flew out of their hands and started to fly around the pair. Out of nowhere, a voice spoke, “I present you, Lora and Chris, with two gemstones filled with pure magic. They will allow you to give others magic, though some may already have magic. However, you cannot use the gems’ powers for your own gain, for they are not yours to keep. Some day you will have to give up the powers you are granted so the true owners will be able to inherit them. You will still have powers of your own.

“To you, Chris, I present the Flame of Light.” The emerald flew into Chris's chest, glowing for a moment and then vanishing. “To you, Lora, I give the Gift of the Rainbow.” And the Rose Quarts did the same as the emerald to Lora. “Use the gifts you have been given wisely, and be prepared to give them up when the time comes.” The voice said no more, leaving Lora and Chris in silence. “Chris, what just happened?” Lora stuttered. “I do not understand it either,” Chris said. And so the first Lorians were born, and what their adventures are? That will be a story for another day.