Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Trick or Treat

 This story takes place before the events of Incantus Academy, book one.

“All right, I got my wings to work!” 6-year-old, Alice Wilson was finishing up her costume for Halloween. She was dressing up as a fairy, with a working pair of wings. She also used a temporary transformation spell to change her hair color. After she finished she ran to the living room where her dad, Mark Wilson, was. “Dad, could I please go Trick or Treating?” She said as cutely as possible. Mark sighed, and said, “If Peter wasn’t at school, I would say yes, but he’s not.” Alice decided to change her strategy. “You won’t have to worry, no one will recognize me unless I want them to, you’ve seen how good I’ve gotten at using illusion spells,” Mark said no again, and then Alice pulled out her ultimate weapon, puppy-dog eyes. Mark finally gave in and said yes. “Thank you, Dad!” Alice said as she ran out the door, “I’ll be back before it’s past my bedtime!”

The first place Alice went was to a tree where she and her friend, Dylan, played. There Dylan was waiting for her, and he was dressed up as an archer. “I managed to convince my Dad to let me go Trick or Treating this year!” Dylan smiled and said, “That’s good, also do you mind if I have some friends come with us?” Alice smiled and said, “Yes, as long as you call me Lilly. I’m using an illusion spell that makes it where only the people I allow to see who I am can tell it’s me.” After that, the two of them went into the town where they lived.

“Allow me to introduce you to Ella and Matt, my two other friends,” Dylan said after they met up with a girl, whose costume was more like a uniform, and a boy, who was wearing all white. “My name is Lilly,” Alice says to Ella and Matt, “it’s nice to meet you!” Ella smiled and said, “Nice fairy costume!” Alice blushed and said, “Thank you, I used magic to make the wings where they can actually be used.” To demonstrate, Alice flew using her wings a few inches off of the ground. “It’s not perfect,” Alice says when she lands, “since I was only able to get to where I got a few inches off of the ground.” Both Ella, Matt, and Dylan stared at her. “THAT WAS AWESOME!” All three of them said at the same time. “All right, let's get some candy!” Alice says before they go to the first house.

“Trick or Treat!” The four kids say after the person in the first house opened their door. The lady that opened the door said, “Aw, you're all so cute. Here you go.” Putting candy in each of their pumpkin baskets. The group went from door to door, getting more candy. When it started getting close to all of their bedtimes, Alice said, “It’s time for me to go, I promised my dad that I would be home before bedtime.” “I have to go, too,” Ella says, Matt nodding. “I guess that it’s time for all of us to go, goodnight!” Dylan says walking away. “Goodnight to you, too,” Ella says walking in the opposite direction of Dylan with Matt, “It was nice to meet you too, Lilly.” She says to Alice. “Bye, maybe I’ll see you next year!” Alice says as she walks home.

Credit to Gacha Club and ibisPaint X for the image