Alice Wilson Character Page

Birthday: July 17TH 2007

Year One

Age: 13
Personality: Kind, Brave, Creative, Sensitive...


Color: Pink and Turquoise
Food / Drink: Hot-Chocolate
Sport: N/A
Hobby: Reading and Writing


Alice Wilson is a 13-year-old girl who is just starting out at the well-known Incantus Academy. She is in her first year at the school. She is seemingly the successor to the Gift of the Rainbow / Heart and has the power to purify Shadows. She shares a dorm with Amara Citrin, who prefers to go by Amy, Will, and Dylan Taylor. She met Dylan when she was five and they were best friends until Alice moved away when she was 8. She is the daughter of the well-known adventurer and archeologist Mark Wilson, as well as the sister of Peter Wilson, one of the youngest teachers at Incantus Academy. Her mother Lilly and sister Zoe were corrupted when she was only five. She hasn't seen her mother since that day but has seen her sister as Evie. She can purify Shadows, and loves to help others.

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