Thursday, December 3, 2020

Explaining Aurasparks in More Detail

"Aurasparks are basically our spirits in the Enchanted Realms, except they also represent our magical power and who we are."- Incantus Academy page 10.
In the first book, there wasn't much said about what Aurasparks are. In this post I will go into more detail about what Aurasparks are and what they do.

What is an Auraspark?

In the Mystic Realms, an Auraspark is a spiritual essence (but not quite the same as a soul) that all beings possess. You'll never meet a person that has the same Auraspark as another person, since Aurasparks are unique to every single person. Aurasparks also can show how magically strong a person is. There are different levels of power, the top level being Legends, the second level being Lorians, then the final level being ordinary people. Each level, however, can be split into different ranks, depending on how powerful a person is. That's really all you need to know about the basics of Aurasparks.

Relations with Aurasparks

In the Mystic Realms, there are two ways to be related. One is being related biologically, and the other is being related by Auraspark, which can also be referred to as "Aurasparkcally". What that means is that when you are born in the Mystic Realms, you are born the way you are in our world, but also your Auraspark is created from your father and mother's Auraspark. There are some cases where that would not be true. For instance, if you're reborn you would only be biologically related to your parents, since you would already have an existing Auraspark. On the other hand, if you were born like the Elemental Sisters, you would only be related by Auraspark, since they were created by the magic of the Legend of the Elements' Auraspark. In the Mystic Realms that's a form of birth, just not a normal biological birth.

Another thing about Aurasparks

Since Aurasparks basically make up you entire being, if your Auraspark gets kicked out your body your shadow doesn't take it over (more on shadows in a future post). Your body turns permanently to stone if within an hour you don't get your Auraspark back in your body, or your shadow takes it over. There are exceptions, however, namely Legends. Aurasparks do still live on after death, they just live on as spirts (look for more detail on spirits in a future post as well).


I think that that's all the information you need to know on Aurasparks. I hope that helped you better understand my world. There will be more explanation post later on, but for now this is it. I hope you enjoyed.

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