Sunday, December 11, 2022

Day 10

 This story takes place before the events of Incantus Academy book one

A Winter Adventure

    "I'm so excited!" Alice Wilson said to her brother Peter, "Winter Fest starts next week." Peter laughed and said, "I still can't believe this might be the last Winter Fest I will get to spend with you guys for a while." Alice looked at him and said, "You don't know if you're in yet!" Peter winked, "Oh, you doubt me too much." A girl, Alice's twin Zoe, walked into the room and said, "Let's go play in the snow!" Alice's face lit up and said, "Snow? Peter come on, there's snow!" "Hold on you two," Peter said, Alice tugging on his sleeve, "did Mom or Dad say you could go outside?" Zoe nodded, and Alice proceeded to tug on Peter.

    The group went outside, where they saw their parents. Their Dad, Mark Wilson, scooped up Alice in his arms, "I knew that you would want to play out here!" He said with a smile, "Now, who wants to play the adventure game!" Alice and Zoe jumped up and down in excitement. "Can it be one of your adventures Daddy!" Zoe said. "Why of course, my dear adventurers! So, let me tell you about the time I searched for a lost temple made entirely of snow." Before Mark and Lilly had children, they were a pair of adventurers, but that's a story for another time. So Mark told the tale reenacting it along with Alice and Zoe, Lilly and Peter watching with a smile.

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