Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Day 13

 This story takes place before Incantus Academy book 1

    "Wow!" Peter exclaimed, "This is just like how it is a home." Winter Fest had begun, and 13-year-old Peter Wilson, along with his friend Destiny ManteĆ­o, were exploring the Winter Fair on the campus of Incantus Academy.  This was both of their first Winter Fests away from home. "So," Destiny said, "where do you want to start?" Peter looked around and saw an ice-skating rink. "You up for ice skating?" He asked Destiny, and she nodded, "I'm going to skate circles around you!"
    Peter and Destiny stayed at the rink for the rest of the day, Peter attempting to use his skills in Magi-Tech to make boosters for his ice skates. I didn't work.

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