Sunday, December 18, 2022

Day 17

 This takes place before the events of Incantus Academy book 1

December 17, 2007

Dear Diary,
    Today was the best day ever! I was chosen the be the spirit that hosts the Snowflake Dance!!! Most of the traditional spirits, my Mom, expected me to do the traditional waltz, but that's lame. Look, people, it's not the 1500s anymore. Also, I question why so many people expect a waltz, I mean come on, there are more ways to dance! Personally, I HATE the waltz. My Mom wanted me to be "A proper host" for when I got the opportunity to, but she needs to get with the times! You do not want to know how many times I have gotten sick while learning the waltz. So I chose to go a different route. Freestyle! No stuffy dresses, no spinning till you got sick, just having fun! That meant that I got to use my playlist! It was amazing.
    So when I got to the town where the Snowflake dance was taking place, I saw the most horrible sight. So many dresses, too many dresses. I just wore a normal outfit, not a ballgown. Literally, everyone that could dance in the Snowflake Dance was dressed as if they were going to be doing the waltz, I mean are you trying to make yourself suffer! I looked around to see if there was anyone who was properly dressed, and then I saw them. Two young girls, twins to be precise, who were just wearing normal clothes. I walked over to them and smiled. "How would you two like to dance with me?" I asked with a smile. Both of their faces lit up, and they each took one of my hands and walked to the stage.
    You know, people were confused about my choice, but it was the best choice ever! I plugged my phone into the speaker, put on my Happy-Go-Lucky playlist, and started the dance. And I didn't care about how controversial it was!

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