Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Day 6

                                                Amy Vs. Will

“You're going down this time,”  Amy said to Will, readying herself. “Oh, you wish,” Will replied. It was the second day of Winter Fest, and neither of them were backing down. “Yesterday may have been an embarrassment…” Amy said before Will cut her off saying, “Yeah, Dylan was a showoff.” “As I was saying,” Amy continued, “Yesterday was an embarrassment since he somehow managed to first-try every single game we played.”

Every year Incantus Academy holds a two-week version of Winter Fest, the first week is just a fair, and the second, people just do whatever traditions they have or make new ones.

Amy and Will went to the first game they saw, the one where you throw a ball to hit bottles off of the table. Will got a ball, took a step back, and threw the ball as hard as he could. “Oh, so close, yet so far, Puppy-Boy!” Amy laughed when Will missed. “Watch and learn.” She picked up a ball and launched it at the bottles. “Ha! You’re no better than I am!” Will exclaimed as the ball missed. “Oh, be quiet you,” Amy said, hitting Will in the head.

“This looks fun!” A girl said behind Amy and Will. The girl, Ella, walked up to the booth with Matt and picked up a ball, “You want to try?” She said handing the ball to Matt. “Sure, I guess?” He replied. He tossed the ball at the bottles and hit dead center. They all collapsed, as Amy and Will stared in disbelief. Matt picked a prize and gave it to Ella saying, “How’d I do?” Ella smiled and said, “That was amazing!” Then the pair walked away.

“I can’t believe that just happened!” Amy exclaimed. “Let’s try another game, Puppy-Boy.” “Fine,” Will said, “but I’m going to win!” Amy looked at him and said, “You wish!”

In the end, they didn’t win any prizes, watching several people first try the games. 

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